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Salvatore Ferrante - FAQ
 Condition Condition Definition
 Excellent Nearly perfect; may have one or two superficial blemishes that don't affect appearance. Need for polishing, refinishing, rewiring, reupholstering is subjective.
 Fair Substantial, visible signs of age. May have scratches, stains, chips, or need repairs. Cleaning, polishing, refinishing, rewiring, reupholstering, repairs recommended as appropriate.
 Good Visible signs of age and use. May have visible scratches, stains, chips but useable without refinishing. Need for cleaning, polishing, refinishing, rewiring, reupholstering, repairing is subjective.
 Pristine Has all of its original finish, with original luster and no wear, no nicks, gouges, scratches, chips. Any imperfection is original.
 Very Good Shows some signs of age. May have some surface scratches and minor blemishes but is presentable. Need for cleaning, polishing, rewiring, reupholstering is subjective.

Q.  What does Salvatore Ferrante sell?

A.  I sell vintage furniture, lighting and objects that are thirty to fifty years old. My warehouse is always filled with Italian mid-century modern inventory that I personally source during four or more monthlong buying trips throughout Italy every year. From time to time I also source other vintage European pieces. Much of the furniture and lighting I find is either inspired or designed by iconic mid-20th century Italian designers.

Q.  What is the overall condition of furniture, lighting and objects?

A.  Assessment is subjective but most of the inventory is in good, very good or excellent condition for its age. Sometimes I offer pieces that are new “old stock” in pristine condition. A six-point condition rating system is used—with 6 (pristine) being the highest score and 1 (needs work), the lowest. Every item is photographed as carefully as possible to help you select pieces. The need for refinishing and reupholstering is really a personal decision. Lounge chairs and other upholstered seating are typically free of unpleasant odors.  All chandeliers, wall fixtures, lamps usually have old European wiring and should be inspected and/or rewired by a qualified electrician. You can always make an appointment to view inventory at my warehouse in York, Pennsylvania.  Email: or call 717.577.2622.

Q.  Are prices negotiable?

A. All of my inventory, imported from Italy, is offered wholesale or at deeply discounted prices.  Shipping, duty, taxes and Dollar/Euro values have been prorated and factored into the price of each item. I offer the lowest possible price and even pass along shipping discounts that I get as a major importer. Please understand there is absolutely no leeway to negotiate prices that are lower than those I list on this website.

Q.  What about shipping and delivery?

A.   I offer shipping service for small items via UPS. I can deliver larger items for a fee if you are within 200 miles of my warehouse in York, Pennsylvania. You can use your own shipper or I can help by supplying several suggestions and links to local shippers. A form that lists your items is available in MyDoc, and you can forward it anytime to a shipper for a shipping quote or estimate. I will help as much as possible but I cannot be responsible for shipping via independent carriers. You may also arrange to personally pick up pieces at my warehouse. Email: or call 717.577.2622.